Name Names Arne: Who are the Unfair Critics of No Excuses Schools

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Arne Duncan spoke at Harvard’s Ed School on Monday, and he gave a speech that I thought had some very good points (and I’m not a huge Arne Duncan fan). His speech–Fighting the Wrong Educational Battles–argued that some of our either-or thinking about education is counter productive. He highlighted two areas: First, he rejected those […]

I misspoke- A correction to a recent Boston Phoenix article

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After my recent talk at the Berkman Center, Will Free Benefit the Rich, a reporter from the Boston Phoenix asked me to chat with her about MITx. Her position was pretty clear– the response to MITx seemed “rhapsodic” and she wanted to use my research as a lens to raise questions about whether MITx was […]

My Anti-SOPA letter

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Dear Rep. Markey, Sen. Kerry, and Sen. Brown, I write to you in strong opposition to the current SOPA and PIPA bills that have been introduced into Congress. I write as a constituent in Arlington, MA, as a former classroom teacher, and as a current education researcher. Piracy is a serious and important issue that […]

Hack Education on OER and Inequality

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Audry Watters at Hack Education has a write up of some of my thoughts on inequality, and it stimulated a lively conversation, mostly hostile to my views. Having Jim Groom respond to my work was quite a treat, even if he calls my arguments silly. And someone even refers to my work is evil–I’m just […]

Every Kid a Khan Student?

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I have a been working recently with several schools and organizations in thinking about the Flipped Classroom (we even have a summer workshop coming up at Harvard this summer). I’ll probably write more about Flipped in a future post, but the idea is that you reorganize instructional time so that the most cognitively demanding tasks […]

Will Free Benefit the Rich?

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Today I have a video op-ed up on the Harvard Graduate School of Education website, where I address some of my concerns about the role of education technology in expanding educational inequalities. Here’s the video, and I’ll expand on my concerns below: Basically, I think there are two visions for free and Open educational resources […]