Adventures in Singapore: Top Learnings from a Learning Journey

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My Big Takeaways from Singapore This is the final post in a series of reflections about my two weeks spent as an Outstanding Educator in Residence at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. What I’m thankful for in American Education… I told two stories in Singapore that people found shocking. First, in several workshops I shared […]

Name Names Arne: Who are the Unfair Critics of No Excuses Schools

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Arne Duncan spoke at Harvard’s Ed School on Monday, and he gave a speech that I thought had some very good points (and I’m not a huge Arne Duncan fan). His speech–Fighting the Wrong Educational Battles–argued that some of our either-or thinking about education is counter productive. He highlighted two areas: First, he rejected those […]

Adventures in Singapore: My Parting Thoughts in Slide Form

I gave two final presentations today: one to the staff at the Academy of Singapore Teachers and one to a group of School Principals. The first provides a little summary of my experience in Singapore with bullet points of my learnings and my suggestions. The second accompanies the message that I shared to school leaders […]

What I’m Up To

The Berkman Center recently asked me to provide an update on my work over recent months. Here it is:   Greetings! Sorry for my tardiness. I’ve spent the the last two weeks in Singapore, serving as an Outstanding Educator in Residence with the Academy of Singapore Teachers. It has been an amazing exchange, and incredibly […]

Adventures in Singapore: What would happen if you could get everyone in the same room?

One of the great things about my job, is that by virtue of being an outsider, often organizations will bring together diverse groups of people to solve important challenges around technology integration (“Justin Reich is coming next week, let’s have him meet with all the stakeholders.)  But the meeting I had in Singapore on Friday […]

Adventures in Singapore: Equity as a Pathway to Excellence

Fact: The national school systems with the highest test scores also have the least variation in test scores among subgroups (by race and income). In other words, the best systems are also the most equitable. What’s harder to prove, but seems to be the case, is that equity is not merely a by-product of excellence, […]

Adventures in Singapore: Teacher Leadership

The teaching job in America was designed as a temporary position, for men before the headed to college or for women before they got married. As it transitioned into being a career, it never really developed the features of having a career trajectory. It’s one of the only careers in America where the responsibilities that […]

Singapore Education–Teachers Leading the Next Level of Work

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So if you are one of the world’s best education systems, how do you keep getting better? In Singapore, the answer is the Academy of Singapore Teachers. One of the most important points that came out of the McKinsey evaluation of global education was that the strategies that get a school system from poor to […]

Singapore- Connecting Technology to Learning Goals

I’m in the air between Boston and Minneapolis, on the first leg of  a ~30 hour journey journey to Singapore. My EdTechTeacher colleague Tom Daccord and I have been invited by the Academy of Singapore Teachers as part of a new exchange program called the Outstanding Educators in Residence program. We’re each spending two weeks […]

Media Bonanza: Will Free Benefit the Rich

So last Friday I gave a talk at the Berkman Center riffing on my most recent policy quandary: Will Free Benefit the Rich? That is, will the widespread availability of free and open educational resources disproportionately benefit already-advantaged students? Is this a policy problem, or is it actually desirable in the long run? If we […]