Ask a Researcher: What’s Next for Early Ed and iPad Research?

Today’s Ask a Researcher Question comes from a doctoral student in Massachusetts I am currently a doctoral student in Leadership in Schooling.  I am a technology specialist in an urban public school system in Massachusetts, and I am considering doing my dissertation on iPad usage as well.  I read your postings about Auburn and am […]

What Should We Do with the Auburn Kindergarten iPad Findings?

Mike Muir and I are having a productive, respectful back and forth specifically about his research concerning iPads in Kindergarten classrooms and more broadly about how practitioners should deal with educational research that uses statistical methods. I’m going to start with this reminder (which Mike has echoed in his own way): I think it’s completely […]

The State of Wiki Usage in U.S. K-12 Schools

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I’m very pleased to announce that the first report from my research project, the Distributed Collaborative Learning Communities project, is published in this month’s issue of Educational Researcher, the flagship journal of the American Educational Research Association. The article can be found through this direct link or at this landing page and is titled, “The […]

Two Questions about “The Test Score Hypothesis”

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My 11.125 students read education articles each week and discuss current events for about 15 minutes. It’s a lot of time to commit to the endeavor, but I think it’s a great way, in a survey class, to let students explore their interests and to learn more about the various issues and challenges in education. […]

Income Achievement Gap Eclipses Racial Achievement Gap

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I was thrilled last week to see that Sean Reardon’s work on income inequality and education was featured for two days on the New York Times home page (especially since the work was published in a book edited by my advisor, Richard Murnane.) What Reardon and his colleagues demonstrate is that the “income achievement gap” […]

Are iPads making a significant difference? Findings from Auburn Maine.

Audrey Watters has an interesting article on early results from an assessment of iPads deployed in kindergardens in Auburn, ME. It’s a perfect place for me to get to one of the core purposes of this blog– to look at educational research results and critique them from the perspective of a fellow researcher. The goal […]

What I’m Up To

The Berkman Center recently asked me to provide an update on my work over recent months. Here it is:   Greetings! Sorry for my tardiness. I’ve spent the the last two weeks in Singapore, serving as an Outstanding Educator in Residence with the Academy of Singapore Teachers. It has been an amazing exchange, and incredibly […]

Media Bonanza: Will Free Benefit the Rich

So last Friday I gave a talk at the Berkman Center riffing on my most recent policy quandary: Will Free Benefit the Rich? That is, will the widespread availability of free and open educational resources disproportionately benefit already-advantaged students? Is this a policy problem, or is it actually desirable in the long run? If we […]

Bud the Teacher becomes Bud the Researcher

We’re unlikely to have much luck improving student learning outcomes with technology if we don’t measure the impact of our technology investments and interventions. In the last year or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can be of service to school leaders who are trying to figure out how technology should fit […]

Why Collaboration is so Hard

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I’m in the process of writing a paper based on some findings about collaboration in wikis, from a large scale content analysis of 400+ wikis drawn from nearly 200,000 wikis. The core findings are that student collaboration only happens in about 11% of U.S., K-12 wikis, and most collaboration is simply posting individually created content […]