Media Bonanza: Will Free Benefit the Rich

So last Friday I gave a talk at the Berkman Center riffing on my most recent policy quandary: Will Free Benefit the Rich? That is, will the widespread availability of free and open educational resources disproportionately benefit already-advantaged students? Is this a policy problem, or is it actually desirable in the long run? If we […]

Sal Khan to produce dating advice videos

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I just want to point out that around 9:45 in this video, Sal Khan says that he is planning to produce a series of dating advice videos. He says they are for his 2 year old daughter, for when she grows up. He thinks that she’ll be more likely to listen to a younger version […]

Alternative Assessments Using Technology

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Following up on my recent post about Bud Hunt, his research, and assessment, I thought I’d share this video from our series with McGraw Hill about Alternative Assessments Using Technology in the history classroom. The full video series is here:     Technology in Social Studies Classrooms: Alternative Assessments Using Technology from EdTechTeacher on […]

On Teaching History with Technology

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Tom Daccord, my partner at EdTechTeacher, and I recently made a series of professional development videos with McGraw Hill for their new Social Studies program Networks. I’ll post them here over time, and the whole collection can be found at One of the really fun parts for me was that the producer of the […]

Will Free Benefit the Rich?

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Today I have a video op-ed up on the Harvard Graduate School of Education website, where I address some of my concerns about the role of education technology in expanding educational inequalities. Here’s the video, and I’ll expand on my concerns below: Basically, I think there are two visions for free and Open educational resources […]

A Video Summary of My Research

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If you wanted an introduction to what I care about, where I’ve come from, what I believe in, and what I’m hoping to do next, here’s a video introduction to my work. This was produced by the media production geniuses at the Digital Media and Learning Hub at U.C. Irvine when I was a Digital […]