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EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops
For over 10 years, EdTechTeacher has offered professional development workshops for teachers, principals, superintendents, and other educators. This year, our summer workshop series will be held at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Woodward Academy in Atlanta, and the Loyola Law School in Chicago. Every workshop includes outstanding educators, engaging and immersive instruction, and rich theory and pedagogy.

As co-founder, EdTechTeacher provides the opportunity to stay closely rooted to classroom teachers and building administrators, so their experience and realities inform my research. Working directly with educators also provide a venue for me, and now my EdTechTeacher colleagues, to share my research and other important findings from education scholars. This past summer summer, I taught a workshop for school leaders with Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent of the Burlington Public Schools.

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EdTechTeacher’s mission is to help teachers and schools leverage technology to create student-centered, inquiry-based learning environments.We view technology as a “trojan mouse” that allows us to use new technologies to re-ignite conversations with teachers about learning goals, curriculum, pedagogy, and relationships with students. Each year, EdTechTeacher helps thousands of educators from around the world improve their instruction and grow as leaders.

We offer four main services. During the summer, we host a summer workshop series where individual educators can sign up for 2 and 3 day workshops with colleagues from around the world. During the year, we work directly with schools and districts. We provide keynotes and one-day presentations, but we prefer to work with schools on a year round basis through our Teaching for the 21st Century (T21) program. We also host events throughout the year, most recently the first national iPad Summit for educators.

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