Shockingly Similar Digital Divide Findings from 1998 and 2013

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Two studies of student surveys from 1996 and 2011 show remarkably similar patterns of technology usage and inequalities.

The Digital Fault Line: Parents, Teachers, and Normal

Final post in a series about evolving notions of the digital divide.

The Digital Fault Line: Power, Policy, and Leadership

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Emerging research and theory on the evolving digital divide

The Digital Fault Line: Background

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New research on educational inequality in the United States to frame a series of posts on the evolving digital divide.

ISTE Ignite: Fighting for Digital Equity

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Last month I had a chance to participate in the first Ignite presentation series at the International Society of Technology in Education Conference.

How Free and Open Technologies Benefit the Affluent

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My friends at the Berkman Center finished editing the recording of a talk I gave in March at the Hewlett Grantee Meeting. The talk, “When Open Encounters Different Classrooms,” is built around a simple premise: in places with profoundly inequitable school systems, our conceptual models of technology-enhanced education systems always need to account for these inequalities.

Blaming the Poor as Framing a New Digital Divide

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It’s remarkable that in 2012 you can wake up in the morning and see a front page article in the New York Times depicting various young black men as “freaks” who “throw tantrums” and “do the first negative thing he can find” with computers. #notapostracialsocietyyet

Income Achievement Gap Eclipses Racial Achievement Gap

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I was thrilled last week to see that Sean Reardon’s work on income inequality and education was featured for two days on the New York Times home page (especially since the work was published in a book edited by my advisor, Richard Murnane.) What Reardon and his colleagues demonstrate is that the “income achievement gap” […]

Ask a Researcher: EdTech Inequality in Developing Countries

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Ask a Researcher question in response to my Berkman Luncheon talk: Will Free Benefit the Rich? Just watched the video, I found it very useful. I am writing a paper concerning the urban/rural divide in education in Thailand and what you are saying about the ‘haves and have nots’ is very relevant to what I […]

I misspoke- A correction to a recent Boston Phoenix article

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After my recent talk at the Berkman Center, Will Free Benefit the Rich, a reporter from the Boston Phoenix asked me to chat with her about MITx. Her position was pretty clear– the response to MITx seemed “rhapsodic” and she wanted to use my research as a lens to raise questions about whether MITx was […]