Income Achievement Gap Eclipses Racial Achievement Gap

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I was thrilled last week to see that Sean Reardon’s work on income inequality and education was featured for two days on the New York Times home page (especially since the work was published in a book edited by my advisor, Richard Murnane.) What Reardon and his colleagues demonstrate is that the “income achievement gap” […]

Ask a Researcher: EdTech Inequality in Developing Countries

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Ask a Researcher question in response to my Berkman Luncheon talk: Will Free Benefit the Rich? Just watched the video, I found it very useful. I am writing a paper concerning the urban/rural divide in education in Thailand and what you are saying about the ‘haves and have nots’ is very relevant to what I […]

I misspoke- A correction to a recent Boston Phoenix article

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After my recent talk at the Berkman Center, Will Free Benefit the Rich, a reporter from the Boston Phoenix asked me to chat with her about MITx. Her position was pretty clear– the response to MITx seemed “rhapsodic” and she wanted to use my research as a lens to raise questions about whether MITx was […]

Media Bonanza: Will Free Benefit the Rich

So last Friday I gave a talk at the Berkman Center riffing on my most recent policy quandary: Will Free Benefit the Rich? That is, will the widespread availability of free and open educational resources disproportionately benefit already-advantaged students? Is this a policy problem, or is it actually desirable in the long run? If we […]

That’s so dial-up

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I gave an hour long talk today at the Berkman Center (link to event here, livestream, etc. will be up eventually), which mostly focused on how technology innovations interact with our extremely inequitable education systems. I made a passing comment that in one school I visited in rural South Georgia, a common pejorative among kids was “that’s […]

Technology and inequality: One Teacher’s Perspective

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I got a lovely note this week from a teacher in Silicon Valley. In it, she remarks on how in her current high-performing, wealthy districts, students are taking the lead in using OER tools to push forwards their education. I’m reposting the note with her permission, though I’ve obscured her name and the districts that […]

Is the inequality inside or outside of your classroom?

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I’m getting ready for talk at the Berkman Center on Jan. 17, and I’ve been continuing to think a lot about issues of equality and education technology. I have one observation that I’ll be trotting out in that talk, along with a corresponding suggestion. There are lots of different kinds of inequality that teachers encounter […]

Hack Education on OER and Inequality

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Audry Watters at Hack Education has a write up of some of my thoughts on inequality, and it stimulated a lively conversation, mostly hostile to my views. Having Jim Groom respond to my work was quite a treat, even if he calls my arguments silly. And someone even refers to my work is evil–I’m just […]

Will Free Benefit the Rich?

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Today I have a video op-ed up on the Harvard Graduate School of Education website, where I address some of my concerns about the role of education technology in expanding educational inequalities. Here’s the video, and I’ll expand on my concerns below: Basically, I think there are two visions for free and Open educational resources […]