Intelligent Tutors, Past and Present

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Responding to critique of an article about intelligent tutors that Justin Reich posted recently in the New Yorker.

Are iPads making a significant difference? Findings from Auburn Maine.

Audrey Watters has an interesting article on early results from an assessment of iPads deployed in kindergardens in Auburn, ME. It’s a perfect place for me to get to one of the core purposes of this blog– to look at educational research results and critique them from the perspective of a fellow researcher. The goal […]

Hack Education on OER and Inequality

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Audry Watters at Hack Education has a write up of some of my thoughts on inequality, and it stimulated a lively conversation, mostly hostile to my views. Having Jim Groom respond to my work was quite a treat, even if he calls my arguments silly. And someone even refers to my work is evil–I’m just […]