Adventures in Singapore: Top Learnings from a Learning Journey

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My Big Takeaways from Singapore This is the final post in a series of reflections about my two weeks spent as an Outstanding Educator in Residence at the Academy of Singapore Teachers. What I’m thankful for in American Education… I told two stories in Singapore that people found shocking. First, in several workshops I shared […]

Experiencing continuous improvement in Singapore

One of the amazing facets of my visit to Singapore is that I’ve not just been invited to present to audiences, but I have been invited to be part of the system in Singapore. Over the past week, I have had the chance to offer two history master classes to Singapore teachers on tech integration […]

Adventures in Singapore: Equity as a Pathway to Excellence

Fact: The national school systems with the highest test scores also have the least variation in test scores among subgroups (by race and income). In other words, the best systems are also the most equitable. What’s harder to prove, but seems to be the case, is that equity is not merely a by-product of excellence, […]

Singapore Education–Teachers Leading the Next Level of Work

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So if you are one of the world’s best education systems, how do you keep getting better? In Singapore, the answer is the Academy of Singapore Teachers. One of the most important points that came out of the McKinsey evaluation of global education was that the strategies that get a school system from poor to […]

Ask a Researcher: EdTech Inequality in Developing Countries

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Ask a Researcher question in response to my Berkman Luncheon talk: Will Free Benefit the Rich? Just watched the video, I found it very useful. I am writing a paper concerning the urban/rural divide in education in Thailand and what you are saying about the ‘haves and have nots’ is very relevant to what I […]